Forward Academic Team – Nepal, trading as Forward is an educational consultant and also the recruiting and marketing agent for online courses from London College of Management and Technology (LCMT), registered in England and training globally. Forward offers fully online short courses.

Anyone who is interested to get foreign diploma qualification from here in Nepal can pursue various online diploma programmes initiated by Forward. It has been acts as a registration centre for LCMT, where students can start any online courses they want directly from the concerned Universities.

Partnering with LCMT provides Forward the opportunity to directly engage students from Nepal to partnered Universities. Forward offers Entry level Diploma Level-3 in Business Management to PGD level-7 in Strategic Management & Leadership. Furthermore Forward also offer golden opportunity to Nepali students to pursue their online MBA programme from here in Nepal. Recently, Forward has also started online level-4 & level-5 IT diploma courses designed specially for Nepali students who are seeking a career in IT sector.

Online courses are offered in partnership with London College of Management and Technology (LCMT) – finest academic centre in London.

LCMT offers the most career-oriented online learning in UK, Dubai, India and now in Nepal combining the renowned courses and strength of Westford University College, Online Business School, Marconi University, Eaton Business School and many more.

University Progression Courses

View University top up options available for students who have completed online courses at Forward.

Anglia Ruskin BA (Top-Up)

Level 4/5 Diploma in Management

Anglia Ruskin MBA Top Up

Level 7 Diploma in Management

Academic Courses

Business Management

University Foundation Course
(Level 3 - 60 Credits)

Business Management

University Foundation Course (Level 3 - 120 Credits)

Business Management

University 1st and 2nd Year (Level 4 and 5)

Business and Administrative Management

Level 6 Post Graduate MBA

Business Strategic Management

MBA Advance Entry (Level 7)

IT and Computing

University 1st and 2nd Year (Level 4 and 5)

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