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Forward Academic Team Nepal also known as Forward Nepal, located at Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the first academic consulting centre in Nepal directly linked with college and University in UK and Italy, offering students the opportunity to directly enrol to the University online courses in Nepal.

With modern virtual classroom, students will be able to pursue their goal of obtaining global level post graduate degrees and professional training qualifications in Nepal.

All of the qualifications are job oriented and very flexible.


why online courses from Nepal?

  • Much affordable cost of learning. Going abroad for same University courses are too expensive for Nepali students.
  • Career advancement without compromising hobbies. Studying online gives you more flexibility and control over regular lifestyle.
  • More choice of course topics with active support for students.
  • Qualified course experts for assignment support.
  • Work and learn with comfort.

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We are a recruiting partner for London College of Management and Technology (LCMT) which is offering accredited masters and post graduate diploma of Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU) and Online Business School (OBS) worldwide.


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digital marketing in nepal

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Being in the year 2020 just think about daily life without the internet. Seems very odd and difficult, doesn’t it? Most of the entity whether that be a living being or non-living, have a digital presence of their own and its increasing as days pass by. Due to easy access

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